office access instructions

Access to the ASG office is restricted to certain members of the Associated Student Government. To be able to gain Wildcard access to the office, follow the steps below:

  1. Fill out the Norris Electronic Access Request form.

    1. Under the “Organization President, Treasurer, or Administrator” field, put down the name of the Chief of Staff. Their email is

  2. If you do not have card access within 3 business days, follow up with Chief of Staff to make sure that they approved your request. If they did and you still do not have the access you need, speak to Joe Foley (instructions to find his office are below):

    1. Take the freight elevator to Norris Underground

      1. The freight elevator can be found by walking through the door on the right of the Norris help desk on the 1st floor. You could also go up to the 3rd floor and find the freight elevator right next to the men’s bathroom.

    2. Walk through the doorway with the weird Egyptian markings on it.

    3. Joe Foley’s office should be directly on your right (there’s going to be a folder dropbox right next to the door).

  3. Keep following up until you have access (it can be a bit of a hassle, but it’s super rewarding once you gain access to this space where you can conduct all of your ASG business!).