Code and Constitution

The Constitution and the Code are the governing documents of the Associated Student Government. The Constitution defines the fundamental principles of ASG, while also outlining how it should operate as a governing body. The main function of the Code is to essentially act as a rulebook and guide for ASG officers. Both documents are frequently reviewed and updated by the Parliamentarian and members of the Rules Committee to make sure that they best reflect the needs of the student body and best practices of ASG. 

Writing Legislation

Any member of the student body can write legislation, as long as they get it sponsored by a Senator who can present it to the Senate for approval. Additionally, if any member of the student body wants to amend the Code or Constitution, they can work with a Senator to write a form of legislation called an enactment, which will propose these amendments to the Senate. Click the button to learn the proper way to write legislation!

Want to get in touch with a Senator to sponsor your legislation? Meet the Senators here.

Impeachment Procedure

ASG is committed to ensuring the best practices of its officers. If an officer is found to be in violation of the Constitution or Code, they may be subject to impeachment hearings. Articles of impeachment concerning the behavior of an ASG member may be submitted by any member of the student body and are reviewed by the Parliamentarian and the members of the Rules Committee. 

Articles of Impeachment must be submitted in a professionally formatted manner and may not exceed two-pages in length. Articles must cite a relevant part of the ASG Constitution or Code that justifies penal action against the impeached officer, along with any and all evidence to support such claims. For further questions, contact the Parliamentarian at