A-Status Finances Committee

The A-Status Finances Committee is responsible for the funding and financial health of Northwestern's largest student organizations. Each year, we evaluate applications from over 40 organizations and distribute to them over $1.5 million student activities funding.

Members of the committee work closely with presidents and treasurers of student organizations and are responsible for handling tens of thousands dollars in student activities fees. With or without experience with numbers and accounting, A-status members commit a significant amount of time to working with student organizations and communicating clearly with student organization leaders, as well as other members of the committee. It is chaired by A-Status Finances Vice President Izzy Dobbel.

committee roster

committee roster

  • Daniel Kang

  • Irene Chang

  • Victor Wang

  • Rachel Price

  • Cristina Rackley

  • Andy Grossman

  • Nida Pevez

  • Sean Sharaf

  • Jack Ferry

  • Patrice Haryanto

  • Maanas Bhatt

  • Justin Sweetwood

  • Jessica Saffold

  • Lauren Furst

  • Chayda Harding