Community Relations

The Community Relations committee has two main goals on campus:

  • To act as an advocate for the Northwestern student body to the Evanston city government.

  • To promote integration of the NU student body with the broader Evanston (and Chicagoland) community.

Recently, CRC has been has been trying to change the Three Unrelated Ordinance, building coalitions, and advocating for students within the city council. We also regularly attend Evanston City Council and Ward meetings. In the last couple of years, We have partnered with the Center for Civic Engagement to expand free transportation to Chicago for NU students. Twice a year, several members of CRC attend a conferences for all the Big Ten schools: one at a Big Ten university and the other in Washington D.C. One of our newer projects is promoting intercollegiate activism with other schools in the Chicagoland area. It is chaired by Meilynn Shi

committee documents

committee roster

  • Zubair Ahmed

  • Madeline Baxter

  • Georgia Caras

  • Erin Claeys

  • Jillian Gilburne

  • Alex Knapper

  • Alex Moore

  • Sophia Scanlan

  • Michelle Sheinker

  • Grace Swanson