Health and Wellness

The Health & Wellness Committee is in charge of promoting and supporting the wellbeing of the Northwestern community. They organize numerous initiatives, events, and services to work towards this goal and make Northwestern a space for proper care and happiness. The committee is chaired by Rebecca Lazer

committee documents

committee roster

  • Alexis Bullock

  • Jeanne Paulino

  • Bobbi Throckmorton

  • Patrick Pynadath

  • Meghna Gaddam

  • Ravi Nuxoll

  • Revika Singh

  • Sakeli Givens

  • Zion Sylvester

  • Manal Mohiuddin

  • Sarah Neubert

  • Arianna Staton

  • Ama Asseh

  • Isza Wu

  • Manal Mohiuddin