Public Relations

Public Relations serves as a liaison between ASG and the rest of campus. We are a team of digital marketers, design technologists and creative copywriters working to share projects, initiatives and announcements from ASG with NU at-large.

The PR team works to  welcome NU's new class to campus each year. (including ASG recruitment!). Throughout the year, PR strategizes, designs and activates campaigns to promote ASG's projects and achievements. We are also working on redesigning the ASG website (launching in Winter 2018, so keep your eyes peeled!). The PR committee is chaired by Gabrielle Bienasz. 


committee documents

committee roster

  • Jessica Tartakovsky

  • Nyle Arora

  • Nat Scholl

  • Joan Gwak

  • Amy Choi

  • Agnes Lee

  • Margot Bartol

  • Anastacia Chiseme

  • Jay Pasionek

  • Jason Anderson

  • Kubair Chuchra

  • Amy Prochaska