ASG’s Sustainability Committee functions as a connection between students and administrators regarding sustainability issues at Northwestern. We work to help students reduce their environmental impact on Northwestern's campus and provide opportunities to learn more about sustainability projects that they might be interested in.

Recently, the Sustainability team has been working on three major projects:

  • Resource Management-- directed at reducing campus waste and understanding energy usage.

  • Sustainable Advertising-- works to mitigate the environmental impact of ground flyering by sharing inventive advertising alternatives with other student groups.

  • Academics-- integrate more sustainability topics into course offerings at Northwestern.

The committee is chaired by Juan Zuniga.

committee documents

COMMittee roster

  • Sasha Kogan

  • Tiboo Mehta

  • Sloane Scott

  • Sarrin Chethik

  • Lauren Simitz

  • Ginny Ip

  • Bridget Chia

  • Max Hyman

  • Catherine Moore

  • Ayelet Chavel

  • Andrew Choi

  • Sarah Stein

  • Sonia Bhattacharyya

  • Maggie Olson

  • Evelyn Roth

  • Carl Morison

  • Nikol K

  • Sara McCoy