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Where to find us

The ASG Office is located on the third floor of the Norris Center, between the north stairwell and the Center for Student Involvement (right next to the vending machines).

Executive Board

Philip Lan Services VP
Christina Cilento President
Lawrence Vinson Executive VP
Isaac Rappoport Chief of Staff
Ashley Wood Academics VP
Edward Huddart Budget Analytics VP
Ross Krasner Community Relations VP
Jourdan Dorrell Diversity and Inclusion VP
Eric Oringer A-status Finances VP
Ajay Nadig Public Relations VP
Rosalie Gambrah Student Activities VP
Kassandra Blanchard B-status Finances VP
Anna DiStefano Student Life VP
Anand Lal-Tabak Sustainability VP
Technology VP
Nehaarika Mulukutla Speaker of the Senate
Shelby Reitman Parliamentarian

Senate Leadership

Greek Caucus Whip
William Pritzker Off-Campus Caucus Whip
Grace Zhang RHA/RCB Caucus Whip
Student Groups Caucus Whip