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Annual All-Student Survey

Posted on Monday, December 05, 2016

Take the annual student survey to possibly win an iPad Mini or one of four $50 Amazon gift cards. It'll only take 10 minutes with half the amount of questions compared to last year.

Vote in the ASG Elections

Posted on Thursday, April 07, 2016

Voting starts tonight at 5pm till Friday at 5pm! You can vote through WildcatConnection.

Check out both candidates websites here: Joji and Archie, and Christina and Macs

2014-2015 End of Term Report

Posted on Monday, April 20, 2015

April 15, 2015

Dear Member of the Northwestern Community,

On the national level, this has been a tumultuous year marked with high profile incidents surrounding sexual assault, mental health, racism, and affordability on college campuses. We know that these are not isolated incidents but rather symptoms of structures and systems that are in need of reform.

These issues have been no strangers to Northwestern. Instances of racism have been documented on the “Suffocating at NU” blog as well as actively protested through the NU Black Lives Matter campaign. “Money Matters Week,” organized by NU’s Quest Scholars chapter last year, went from a weeklong advocacy campaign for first generation and low-income students to becoming a top priority of the University. Title IX violation allegations and Northwestern survivor stories spurred the reformation of the University Hearing & Appeals system, the hiring of staff in both CARE and the Title IX Office, and the upcoming release of a campus climate survey. The NU “Dropped Classes” blog and suicide rates at other elite universities started an introspective look at our own graduation requirements and the rigors associated with the quarter system.

In each of these instances, ASG has served to amplify the voices of those pushing for progress and for justice. Through various projects and initiatives listed below, ASG has sought to reimagine what a campus could look like years from now. Creating a campus that is inclusive for students of all races, genders, abilities, and socioeconomic backgrounds is a massive undertaking but it is in our charge to critique the Northwestern experience and to advocate for change. While there is much more progress to be made, we have started to take steps in the right direction.

Over the past year, it has been an honor to serve as your Associated Student Government President and Executive Vice President. As we transition out of office, we wanted to thank you for your participation and partnership with ASG. No issue is singular and ASG could not be successful without the continued involvement of your community, organization, or office.



Julia Watson

ASG President


Erik Zorn

ASG Executive Vice President


The full 2014-2015 Term in Review summary of ASG projects and initiatives can be found here. 

ASG Election Results

Posted on Friday, April 10, 2015

President/Executive Vice President




Noah and Christina



Haley and Chris



No Confidence




Referendum: Coal Divestment








Off-Campus Senators:

Alec Blumenthal

William Pritzker

Matthew Steinberg

Scott Spicer

Jake Leshem

Concerning ASG's commitment to low-income students

Posted on Tuesday, April 07, 2015

On the evening of April 6th, 2015, the Northwestern chapter of the Quest Scholars Network (NUQSN) wrote a letter to The Daily Northwestern stating “leaders in ASG have too long simply listened to our community’s concerns while taking no action.” 

Today, after speaking with ASG Executive Board members, NUQSN “...regrets stating that ASG leaders have taken no action to help low-income students. The ASG Executive Board has taken explicit steps to increase the inclusivity of low-income students, and while these initiatives are certainly not enough, NUQSN does regret the error.”

In the sake of being transparent about our work, we have put together a list of projects, initiatives, and advocacy work we have accomplished over this past year in partnership with NUQSN and other communities that serve the interests of low income and first generation students.

Read more about ASG's commitment to low-income students here



Julia Watson, ASG President

Erik Zorn, ASG Executive Vice President

Austin Romero, ASG VP of Accessibility & Inclusion


Off-Campus Senator Elections

Posted on Friday, April 03, 2015

Off-Campus students, if you want to serve in next year's Student Government Senate, please download the signature sheet linked below to get on the ballot! The signatures must be off-campus residents and 20 are required to get on the ballot. Come joing the Snate on Wednesdays at 7pm to discuss politics, campus life, and how to make the Northwestern experienc better through representative action!

If you are interested in running to be an Off-Campus Senator, then submit this petition to by April 8th at 7pm to appear on the ballot. 

Check out the Off-Campus Senator Election Guidelines here! 

ASG Petition asks WCAS for US-Based Social Inequalities and Diversity Requirement

Posted on Wednesday, February 18, 2015

From The Daily Northwestern: 

Students have circulated a petition throughout the past week urging Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences faculty to support a Social Inequalities and Diversity curriculum requirement focused on the United States.

The petition launched after students heard that some professors would support a more internationally-focused requirement.

“We want students to critically engage with social inequalities that happen in their own backyard,” said SESP senior Austin Romero, ASG vice president of accessibility and inclusion. 

The petition, which Romero launched Feb. 9is co-sponsored by Associated Student Government and multiple student groups. As of Monday evening, Romero said it had 281 signatures. He plans to present the petition at a forum for student input on the requirement Feb. 23. 

Read more here. If you have questions or disagree with the petition please reach out to Austin ( or Anna Rennich ( 

Camera Lend

Posted on Sunday, November 16, 2014

Groups at Northwestern have used photography creatively for a number of goals, including strengthening social media presence, launching photo campaigns, and more. For ASG-funded groups, there is now a professional camera available for free use! Utilize the camera for documentation purposes, for PR purposes, or otherwise. 

As an added service to student groups, the camera is available as a free 3-day rental. Should a group want the camera for more than three days, we can discuss exceptions. The camera should be available to as many groups as possible, but groups should have enough time to study the camera, use the camera and upload footage.

ASG and the group utilizing the camera will enter an agreement, and any harm caused to the camera may subject the group to a misconduct hearing with the Vice President for Finance or the Vice President for Student Groups (depending on the group's status).

Wild Ideas Fund Now Live!

Posted on Sunday, October 19, 2014

For Nu (Ad)Ventures: Wild Idea$ Fund

Do you have a creative idea? Want to make it a reality? The Wild Ideas Fund is a new $25k pool for creative/new projects & events.

As an alternative to existing sources of funding, we seek to eliminate barriers to student-led programming and projects and assist peers in executing creative endeavors successfully while seeking to avoid conflicting scheduling of events. It’s OK if you do not have group recognition, ASG status, or a SOFO account. The Wild Ideas Fund is for everyone!

Wild Ideas proposals have an unprecedentedly fast turnaround: submit proposals by Thursday, and hear back by the following Thursday (subject to exceptions). Submit proposals here, and send any questions to the WIC at

Before the Wild Ideas Fund, the 10k Initiative and the Project Pool were successfully used for many new initiatives as well as the improvement of previously existing programming. Examples include:

  • Dillo Day Second Stage
  • Wifi on the Lakefill
  • DM Registration Fee funding
  • Rowing Club new boat
  • Discover Islam Week
  • Sponsoring Hackathon
  • FMO Spring Concert
  • SASA Spring Concert
  • NU Asian Magazine

The Wild Ideas Committee will review proposals, distribute the Wild Ideas Fund, and guide groups/students along in their projects.  WIC 2014-2015:

Erik Zorn,

Serene Darwish,

Joji Syed,

Mackenzie Schneider,

Andrew Green,

Stephanie Medina,

Annabel Liou,

Imtisal Khokher,

Nicholas McCombe,

ASG: Fall Recruitment Details

Posted on Saturday, September 27, 2014

We are accepting applications from September 28, 2014 until October 5th, 2014 (at midnight) here at Wildcat Connection. The application is fairly short, but plan to have enough time to review your responses before the deadline.

There are two different options to apply for during Fall 2014: 

  • committee members
  • residential senators

All residential senators are also committee members, so the application above is sufficient for both choices.


Committee members form medium-sized teams to:

  • create academic, extracurricular opportunities in collaboration with university administrators and community leaders
  • identify shortcomings of the NU community, and then address them through technical solutions, event planning
  • improve ASG’s ability to understand and communicate with 8,000+ undergraduates
  • promote a more inclusive NU community through policy, events, and positive dialogue
  • provide student organizations with better access to funding and resources

Committee members should expect to meet once-a-week for about an hour, and to work on their projects outside of meetings for a few hours or more each week (depending on your commitments). 


Here are descriptions of each committee, and contact information for each Vice President. We strongly recommend reading these descriptions before submitting an application, and contacting the respective Vice President if you want to learn more about a specific team.


Residential senators are also committee members, and in addition to committee duties:

  • represent their residential, extracurricular communities in conference among other senators
  • draft high-impact legislation regarding campus issues, ASG, and university policy
  • participate in pressing, relevant discussions with student group leaders and university administrators
  • commit greater organizational time and resources to projects they and their constituents find important

Residential senators should expect to be just as occupied as committee members, with about a 2-hour additional commitment to senate meetings every week.

Applicants interested in the residential senator position must submit their applications by Friday, October 3rd at midnight.

Once your application is submitted, standby until you are contacted by an ASG Vice President (VP) during the week of October 6th.

When every applicant for a committee has been interviewed, the VP will contact successful applicants and unsuccessful applicants regarding their status. Successful applicants will go on to meet with their new teams, and unsuccessful applicants may be provided with another chance to interview with another committee.

Regardless of the results of the application process, please understand that our needs on committees are always changing. There are many ASG members who weren’t accepted in the fall, but successfully joined in the winter, spring, or following year (we recruit every quarter).

We wish you the best of luck with finding a student organization that enables you to work on projects that matter to you.


ASG Executive Board