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Wild Ideas Fund Now Live!

Posted on Sunday, October 19, 2014

For Nu (Ad)Ventures: Wild Idea$ Fund

Do you have a creative idea? Want to make it a reality? The Wild Ideas Fund is a new $25k pool for creative/new projects & events.

As an alternative to existing sources of funding, we seek to eliminate barriers to student-led programming and projects and assist peers in executing creative endeavors successfully while seeking to avoid conflicting scheduling of events. It’s OK if you do not have group recognition, ASG status, or a SOFO account. The Wild Ideas Fund is for everyone!

Wild Ideas proposals have an unprecedentedly fast turnaround: submit proposals by Thursday, and hear back by the following Thursday (subject to exceptions). Submit proposals here, and send any questions to the WIC at

Before the Wild Ideas Fund, the 10k Initiative and the Project Pool were successfully used for many new initiatives as well as the improvement of previously existing programming. Examples include:

  • Dillo Day Second Stage
  • Wifi on the Lakefill
  • DM Registration Fee funding
  • Rowing Club new boat
  • Discover Islam Week
  • Sponsoring Hackathon
  • FMO Spring Concert
  • SASA Spring Concert
  • NU Asian Magazine

The Wild Ideas Committee will review proposals, distribute the Wild Ideas Fund, and guide groups/students along in their projects.  WIC 2014-2015:

Erik Zorn,

Serene Darwish,

Joji Syed,

Mackenzie Schneider,

Andrew Green,

Stephanie Medina,

Annabel Liou,

Imtisal Khokher,

Nicholas McCombe,