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Concerning ASG's commitment to low-income students

Posted on Tuesday, April 07, 2015

On the evening of April 6th, 2015, the Northwestern chapter of the Quest Scholars Network (NUQSN) wrote a letter to The Daily Northwestern stating “leaders in ASG have too long simply listened to our community’s concerns while taking no action.” 

Today, after speaking with ASG Executive Board members, NUQSN “...regrets stating that ASG leaders have taken no action to help low-income students. The ASG Executive Board has taken explicit steps to increase the inclusivity of low-income students, and while these initiatives are certainly not enough, NUQSN does regret the error.”

In the sake of being transparent about our work, we have put together a list of projects, initiatives, and advocacy work we have accomplished over this past year in partnership with NUQSN and other communities that serve the interests of low income and first generation students.

Read more about ASG's commitment to low-income students here



Julia Watson, ASG President

Erik Zorn, ASG Executive Vice President

Austin Romero, ASG VP of Accessibility & Inclusion