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What We Do

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ASG provides various resources to the student body, from funding student group events to advocating for issues related to student life at Northwestern.

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Twelve standing committees each work on a different issue area and are staffed by Senators and general members. Vice Presidents chair committees.

Student issues are our issues.

Learn about how you can impact the student experience at Northwestern. 


Our Structure

ASG is comprised of Senate and standing committees, each of which serves an important function in advocating for students at Northwestern.



Senators represent undergraduate schools, student groups and Greek councils. Undergraduate school senators are elected at-large every Fall Quarter. Student group and Greek senators are appointed every Winter Quarter. All meetings of the Senate are open to the public. For questions on the school-based representation system, please check out our FAQ!


12 standing committees and a variety of ad-hoc committees work in tandem with Senate and the Executive Office to carry out projects, events and initiatives to improve the student experience. 


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