Senate Agendas

Senate meets every Wednesday of each academic term in the Northwestern Room on the second floor of Norris. All meetings and records are open to the public. For questions on the school-based representation system, please check out our FAQ!


Senators are your representatives in ASG Senate! They are elected by residential communities, student groups, and greek organizations. Senators write and vote on legislation, debate important issues across campus, and allocate the $1.5 million Student Activities Fund to student organizations and events.


Myles BowenDistrict 1

Eiljah bielDistrict 1

Lawrence HunterDistrict 2

Niki AmirDistrict 2

Dillon SaksDistrict 3

Katherine ConteDistrict 3

David Morales District 4

Lorenzo PipinoDistrict 4

Alex MooreDistrict 5

Nicole AndonovaDistrict 5

Bassel ShanabDistrict 6

Siddhant AhujaDistrict 6

Nyle AroraDistrict 7

Veli HeybeliDistrict 7

Emerson CarlsonDistrict 7

Adam Gross, Off campus 1

Raghav Narula, Off campus 2

Student Group

Seri Lee, APAC

Brian Meng, CSA

Cameron Peters, College Democrats

Zachary Kornbluth, College Republicans

Emma Evans, FMO

Eli Goldstein, Hillel

Ahmad Keshk, McSA

Stephanie Uriostegui, Quest Scholars Network

Weekly Subsitutes, Rainbow Alliance

Akshay Jain, SASA

Amy Proschaka, SHAPE/MARS/College Fems

Leo Scheck, StuCo

Andrew Song, TASC

Pedro Orellana, Alianza

Adam Crittenden, ISA/NU World Cup/AIESEC    

Holly Korn, SAAC

 Alex Smith, Political Union



Corey Schwaitzberg, IFC

Evan Wilson, IFC

Patrick Melendez, IFC

Parker Levinson, PHA

Parker Levinson (alt. Tiara Swartz), PHA

Isabel Anaya, PHA

Javier Cuadra, MGC

Yushi Liu, MGC

Xavier Washington, NPHC