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Standing Committees


Ad-hoc Committees

Senate Reform Committee: The purpose of this committee will be to evaluate variety of factors related to the functions of ASG’s Senate, including attendance, accessibility, transparency, and quality of representation. SRAC will create a comprehensive report, including suggested reforms to Senate as applicable, to be presented to Senate and the Executive Board before the  end of the 2018 Spring Quarter and disband after the consideration of this report.

ACIR Selection Committee: Nominates two undergraduate students to the Advisory Committee on Investment Responsibility, in consultation with the VP for Student Affairs. Chaired by the Chief of Staff.

Student Group Recognition Committee: The New Org Committee, comprised of students and staff from ASG and SOA, will review applications for new student group recognition. Depending on the nature of the purposed group, groups may need to refine their proposal, seek approval from other University departments or take additional steps.

Funding Reform Committee: Gathers student opinion about the funding process and current allocation of the Student Activities Fee, with the goal of restructuring ASG’s funding model based on its findings.